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How to sell a home in 6 easy steps.

real estate forms & contracts, plus instructions to sell a home.
fsbo tips for selling your own home plus real estate purchase contracts and legal forms.    
Sites with home selling tips and other fsbo real estate services.
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real estate legal form, real estate purchase contract to sell your own home
Sell your home

Can you sell your own home ?

...Absolutely!  If you have at least 3 free hours per week.
Find a FSBO home Try our Home Selling Tutorial;
Find a FSBO home Sell your home with pictures on the Internet

Our main Home Selling Tutorial begins here: Answers to "How do I sell my house?" begin with Selling Step #1 and continue to Selling Step #6.

Sell your home with a garage sale  to get rid of all the junkFor Sale By Owner selling Step #1: Prepare your home before putting up a "for sale" sign.

Attract buyers and sell your home fast with low cost cosmetic steps. Cut the grass, clean up the outside and paint drab walls.

Have a garage sale to get rid of house clutter. Why? Because people buy homes that appear spacious, clean and well maintained. More on tasks to prepare your own home for selling..

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Find a FSBO home

Real estate forms to sell or buy a home: download for $14.20

Samples of real estate forms:

All forms are available in Microsoft Word format for Windows and the Apple Mac. Full list of real estate forms - Order now

Photo Tour: Free to Purchasers of $14.20 Forms & Contract Package
Internet web page ad with up to ten pictures of home plus property description and choice of 28 eye-catching headlines to sell your house. Also includes choice of two advertising flyers for local distribution. Internet listing remains active for 6 months with two, free 90 day extensions...
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Find a FSBO home Sell your own house on the Internet

Estimating the value of your home and setting the right price is the most important calculation in selling your home fast.

Home selling Step #2: Set your price right and sell your own home fast.

Find the true value of your home by comparing it to similar homes recently sold in your neighborhood. In one of her best home selling tips Audrie describes where to find recent selling prices and how to compare your house to other homes in your neighborhood. More on calculating your home's selling price...

Sell your house fast with an Internet ad showing photographs of the best looking rooms in the home

Happy Home sellersHow to sell a home Step #3: Good Advertising sells Homes.

New low cost web sites will put multiple pictures of your house on the Internet. See a sample Internet home advertisement. Use Internet ads in combination with local newspapers and neighborhood flyers. Audrie describes how to write advertising to attract buyers. More on selling your home with good advertising...

A flat fee MLS listing is an effective form of advertising because real estate agents look in the MLS to find homes that match buyer requirements, ..and most buyers use real estate agents.

How do you sell your home fast? Arm your neighbors with your asking price and a tour of your home

Home selling Step #4: Sell your own home with an open house.

Kick off your home selling campaign with an open house. Invite all the neighbors for at least 6 blocks around your house. Show them your home's best points and tell them your price. Why? Because neighbors are the best promoters of the neighborhood and they all have friends and family who buy homes. More on enlisting the neighbors to sell your house fast...

Sell your home with an open house

Home selling Step #5: negotiating with home buyers.

Always make a counter offer when selling your own home. The buyer who offers less than your asking price can be encouraged to pay more or agree to other terms like accepting the house without repairs. Audrie describes the offer and counter-offer process and provides home selling tips on how to get the best price. More on negotiating with home buyers...

Closing the deal to sell your own homeHow to sell a Home Step #6: Closing the deal and selling your own home.

Audrie describes how to get around obstacles that often kill a deal between Buyer and Seller. This section is full of home selling tips that cover the days between signing a sales contract and "closing day" when you finally collect cash for the sale of your house. More on this topic...

Don't have time?   ...Consider a flat fee MLS listing, a low cost way to work with the real estate community, sell your home quick and still save thousands.
Find a FSBO home
Find a home for sale by owner

"Who is Audrie  ...and why is she offering free home selling tips?"

Hi !

    Call me Audrie.  While a real estate agent in the Atlanta area I met homeowners driven to market their own homes to avoid real estate commissions. At the request of friends, I hosted a seminar for these owners and invited appraisers, attorneys, mortgage brokers and other real estate professionals to come and give advice.

    To my surprise, the seminar was packed, and lots of fun. Real estate professionals opened up on how to get top-dollar, and without large commission payments.

    As we expected most questions were a version of "How do I sell my home myself?" Several versions of "How do I set a selling price for my home?" and "How do I estimate home value?" were also frequent.

    Our six step home selling tutorial was created from that first seminar, and it has grown and expanded over the years. I'm sure you will find it useful.  If you do, pass the word. Tell a friend about! 

    Our original intent was to create an absolutely free web site that led the home seller through the steps to selling their own home. That is still our objective but by popular demand we developed our $14.20 package of State real estate forms and contracts to buy or sell a home, and our Photo Tour which puts pictures of your home on the Internet and provides advertising flyers for local distribution. The Photo Tour is free to purchasers of our forms and contracts

    Selling land or a home on your own can be easy if you have a few free hours each week, but you can't just put up a "Home For Sale" sign in your front yard and expect to to sell quickly and at a fair price.

   Our free Photo Tour and other home selling plans make home selling quick and affordable. Use our home sellers checklist as an effective tool to sell a house or vacant land.

   Buyers can virtually tour homes for sale by owner at their convenience via our internet photo tours.  Our list of homes for sale by owner can be searched quickly by zip code.  We offer internet advertising for property in all fifty states.

Use our Real Estate Forms to Sell Your Home Today

   Try our free photo tour and see how easy we make it to sell or buy owner to owner.  For Sale By Owner is easy!  Your ad is Instantly Published and you can immediately log in to enter complete details and comments about your home and upload your photos online.


Sell your home fast! Make a great first impression by fixing up the outside & making the inside seem spacious

Lawn & Yard:   Front Entrance:
A well kept lawn implies a well maintained home.  Cut lawn weekly while showing your home. Rake leaves and sweep sidewalk on weekends when house is to be shown.

Remove dead limbs and debris from shrubs and trees.

Plant extra flowers for more color or spruce up landscaping with potted flowers.

Repair fences and touch-up with paint or stain.

Store lawn equipment, toys and other outdoor items away neatly. Board dog or other large pets with neighbors while showing the house

Repaint or replace mailbox.

  The front entrance of your home is a key part of the "First Impression."  Paint, clean or stain the front door.  Remove old screens if they don't fit or operate properly.

Make sure entry light and doorbell are in working order.

Replace missing house numbers and make sure the number is visible from the street in the early evening.

Put out a nice welcome mat and a potted plant if you have room on steps or entrance way.

Roof, Windows and Siding:
Experienced home owners often ignore miss-aligned shutters, bent gutters and loose shingles (unless there is a leak).   These things jump out at first-time home buyers as signs to avoid your house.

Paint and repair gutters. Repair loose shingles and flashing in roof, especially when visible from the ground.

Paint window sashes, trim and shutters.  Replace cracked window panes, and wash entire window.

Clean and paint siding as needed.  White or something very close is the best color for aluminum, wood or synthetic siding.


Make your home look big on the inside by getting rid of clutter

Make your home look spacious: Clean every room in the house:

Clutter and dark colors turn off most home buyers. That means painting dark walls and getting rid of everything you can live without.

If you can't see the baseboard, the room is probably cluttered.

Have a garage sale to eliminate unnecessary items.  Use the money you earn to put some of your bulkier possessions in storage.

Bright lights and white walls make a home look bigger.

  • If you plan to paint, use white or off-white.
  • Replace lights with higher wattage bulbs.

Clear kitchen countertops as much as possible. Reduce number of items in cabinets.

Clean and organize your basement, attic and garage. If you really want to sell the house get rid of everything not of immediate use. If not of high value THROW IT OUT.

Clean everything  - carpets included. Ask a friend to assess your efforts, especially sensitive areas like odors.

Wash windows and mirrors.

Clean the oven and all appliances. Clean all grease spatters and polish chrome fixtures and surfaces.

Clean window treatments and carpets. Replace worn, stained and odorous carpeting.

Clean smudges, especially around doorknobs and light switches.

Arrange clothing neatly in each closet. Reduce number of items stored on shelves and make sure NOTHING other than shoes are on the floor.

Okay, maybe nobody is this neat, but this is the target.

Make the home appear Solid:
Rattles, squeaks and leaks leave the impression that a house needs a lot of work. Eliminate them.

Repair squeaking  steps and  wobbly banisters.

Repair leaking roof and remove all signs of water damage:
    - Paint over water stains
    - Replace discolored wallpaper

Repair leaky faucets and pipes. Repair or clean caulking around tubs and sinks.

Tighten loose doorknobs, light-switch Preparing to sell a house plates and cabinet hinges. Repair sticking doors and windows.


Tack down all loose molding

fixing up before selling a house

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Set the right asking price for your home and everything else becomes easy

The value of your 4 bedroom house is tied to the selling price of other 4 bedroom homes in your neighborhood. This is true no matter how much you invested in your garden or in kitchen cabinets.

The trick is to balance the cash you want with the actual value of the property.



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