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Use the calculator below to estimate proceeds from the sale of your house. Click "Start" button to see an example ...or simple enter the selling price, ... the costs are explained on bottom half of page.

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Definitions & Clarifications
  • Amount to pay off present mortgage:  Call your lender for the outstanding balance.
  • Your lender will tell you if there is a pre-payment penalty for paying off your mortgage early.
  • Real estate commission would be zero if you sold your home yourself, or as high as $7,000 if you listed your home with a full-service agent.  Our estimate of $3,500 assumes:
    • You advertised the house yourself.
    • A real estate agent brought you a buyer.
    • You agreed to pay the agent 3.5% of the selling price
  • Unpaid Property Taxes depends on the time of year, and the date of the last tax payment. The full year's property tax is prorated so that the buyer pays taxes for the months he has title to the property. The seller must pay taxes for the months prior to transfer of the title.
  • Buyer's mortgage fee:   This is typically 1% to 1.5% of the new mortgage amount, but can be higher. Many seller's limit this amount by writing the maximum they will pay into the sales contract (under special clauses).

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