real estate forms, purchase contracts and detailed home selling tips for selling by owner

Show your home's best features & sell fast.

For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
real estate legal form, real estate purchase contract to sell your own home
Prepare Done
Set your asking price based on the selling prices of similar homes in your neighborhood.


Estimate how much cash you will get from the sale after the mortgage and other bills are paid.


Decide if improvements are needed to get your asking price. ___
Make improvements that are justified by an increase in the sales price of your home. ___
Prepare the Exterior of your home for viewing by prospective buyers. ___
Prepare the Interior of your home for viewing. ___
Get a set of real estate sales contracts and disclosure forms (OfficeMax, Office Depot, Staples, or from our set of Forms & Contracts. You can now download the For Sale by Owner Kit to your computer). ___
Fill out a blank sales contract and a set of disclosure forms, and make several copies (if a Buyer agrees to your price you want to be ready to get his or her signature). ___
Consider a Seller's Home Warranty, a form of insurance against damages to your home or other real estate while it is up for sale. ___
Consider a professional inspection; one way to find out what a buyer's inspector will say about your home. An alternative is a professional appraiser who in addition to helping you set a price can alert you to potential problems with the structure. ___
Arrange for a third party to hold deposits or down payments you receive from prospective buyers.  A neighbor will do, but attorneys who do a lot of real estate work will often perform this "escrow" function for a nominal fee (in expectation of the larger "closing" fee). ___
Designate the days your home will be available for viewing by prospective buyers (the weekend plus one other day so you can realistically have the house looking its best for prospective buyers.). ___
Advertise Done
Internet Advertising is becoming a must. Consider our Free Photo Tour with up to 10 pictures plus help in writing an eye-catching ad. ___
80% of homes are purchased by people who already live or work in the area so write an ad for the real estate section of your local newspaper's weekend edition. Include the web address of your internet ad. ___
Compose an 8 1/2 x 11 inch real estate fact sheet / flyer, that describes your home, the location, the price and how to reach you.   Make about 200 copies. ___
Make or purchase a large "For Sale By Owner" sign and place it in your front yard. ___
Place a dozen 8 1/2 x 11 inch fact sheets in a transparent envelope or large zip-loc bag and attach to your mailbox or your "For Sale By Owner" yard-sign. A plastic Info-Pak is a more professional box to distribute fact sheets and advertising flyers. ___
 In a hurry to sell ?  Reach buyers who use real estate agents by getting your home in the Realtors Multiple Listing Service 
Sell Done
Plan and execute an "Open House" for prospective buyers. ___
Post your fact-sheet / flyers on neighborhood bulletin boards; distribute in shopping center parking lots. ___
Buyer qualification: learn how to tell if a prospective buyer can afford your home. ___
Negotiate with all serious Buyers ___
Get Buyer's signature on a contract, give him or her a set of disclosure forms, and collect an "earnest money deposit" or "binder." ___
Arrange to be home when Buyer's inspector and appraiser come to examine your home.  Entertain, smile, schmooze!! ___
Select a real estate attorney to handle the closing. ___
Close Done
Re-calculate your estimate of how much cash you will get from the sale after the mortgage and other bills are paid. ___
Get a copy of the Settlement Statement at least a day before the closing.  Make sure the "net cash to Seller" is roughly equal to what you estimated. ___
Closing day:   Bring your driver's license and the deed to the property (if you have one).  Question anything on the Settlement Statement that you don't understand.  ___
Celebrate with your family. ___

Info-Pak for distributing advertising flyers

Waterproof holder for your home selling flyers

Available on the Internet at for under $7.00 a plastic "info-pak" can be attached to your mail box post or to your "home for sale by owner" yard sign. The waterproof "info-pak" holds your 8 1/2 x 11 inch advertising flyers and invites passersby to "take one."



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