real estate forms, purchase contracts and detailed home selling tips for selling by owner

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Everything to sell your own house: fsbo selling tips, real estate forms & contracts, plus detailed instructions.
fsbo tips for selling your own home plus real estate purchase contracts and legal forms.    
Potential buyers should never leave without a flyer that describes the house and includes your asking price, phone number, and the web address of your Internet ad if you have one. Staple a weather resistant envelope to your lawn-sign or mail-box-post and fill it with flyers.
  • A big "For Sale" sign announces your home is for sale
  • 8 1/2 x 11 inch flyers (also called fact-sheets) advertise the features and price, and remain with potential Buyers.
Try our FREE flyer generator which comes in two versions.
  1. The first creates a black & white flyer. Just paste a photograph of your house over our sample picture and make a few hundred black & white copies.
  2. The second lets you upload a color picture in .jpg format. This should be printed on a color printer. If you dont't have a color printer you can print this at a Kinko or OfficeDepot copy center.

Both provide a large selection of attention getting headlines and closing lines.

Black & White Color Upload
Blcak and White Flyer. Paste photograph of your home over sample picture and make 100 photo copies. Flyer with Uploaded color pictuer of home  Print on coloered printer and make color copies
"Put a SMILE on your face!" is just one of 15 headline choices. "Don't let this one get away!" is one of 15 available closing lines.
- See below for prining instructions -

Photo Tour Package
The flyers below are part of our photo tour package which is free to purchasers of our $14.20 package of forms and contracts to sell a home. The photo tour package includes an Internet web page ad with up to ten pictures of your home plus one or both of the flyers below. "Put a SMILE on your face!" is just one of 28 headline choices that can be changed in any way you wish.
Printing a clean page from your Internet Browser:
  1. Internet Explorer (IE):
    • Select "File" from the top menu
    • Select "Page setup.." from the drop down menu
    • Make sure the "Header" and "Footer" lines are blank in Page setup window
    • Set all margins to ".25" inches
    • Select "OK" then print as usual

  2. Netscape:
    • Select "File" from the top menu
    • Select "Page setup.." from the drop down menu
    • Select the "Margin & Header/Footer" tab in Page setup window
    • Set all margins to ".25" and make sure the "Header & Footers" are all blank
    • Select "OK" then print as usual

Info-Pak for distributing advertising flyers

Waterproof holder for your home selling flyers

Our FSBO Kit includes a plastic "info-pak" that can be attached to your mail box post or to your "home for sale by owner" yard sign. The waterproof "info-pak" holds your 8 1/2 x 11 inch advertising flyers and invites passersby to "take one."


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