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For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
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Newspaper ads and Internet ads both require headlines that grab attention, a few lines to describe key features of the home, and closing lines that get buyers to call.
Headlines that grab attention:

A Gourmet Kitchen and More! Assume loan on 3 bedroom brick ranch with finished basement, on Cul-de-sac near schools and shopping. Upper Saddle River.  $110,000. Nothing like it at this price! 800-955-5214 at any time. For pictures and details see our web page at

A good ad  grabs the reader's attention with a catchy headline.  Remember what motivated you to buy your home and put it in a headline:
  • A Gourmet Kitchen and More!
  • Snuggle by the Fire!
  • Solid as a Rock!

Click here for list of effective headlines, ...more on this topic.

Highlight the best features of the property.
Consider your probable buyers. Will they have school-age children? If so, include proximity to school.  Describe features of the house which appeal to your probable buyers rather than the entire public.
The availability of a loan and a finished basement are examples of features that translate as benefits to the buyer. Click here for list of features you might highlight to sell your house, ...more on this topic.
Close with a phrase that entices potential buyers to call:
Location. Always give the location of the home. Real estate buyers are interested in specific areas, and will pass over your listing if the location is omitted.
Price. A missing price suggests the home is too expensive. Always include the price in real estate advertisements.
End by giving the reader a reason to call and then ask them to do it:
After preparing your home for showing, an Open House is a great way to kick off your fsbo sales campaign.
Invite your neighbors from blocks around. Provide cookies and practice showing the best features of the house. Neighbors have friends and family in the market for a home.  
Make sure everyone who attends the open house leaves with a flyer that lists your price and describes the property. ...more on this topic
Reach Buyers who use real estate agents with a flat fee MLS listing
A flat fee MLS listing is one way to put the power of hundreds of real estate agents to work selling your fsbo house at half of the commissions you would pay for a "full service" listing. ...more on this topic
Put a "Home for Sale By Owner" sign in your front yard
In addition to your phone number the yard sign should include an Internet address where pictures and house details can be found  
The web address of your photo tour on your yard sign can be an alternative to flyer / fact-sheets, but we suggest both. ...more on this topic


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