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For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
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After putting up your "For Sale" sign, and writing your ad for the local newspaper, try some of the following:

Create a low cost (under $30) Internet ad with pictures that emphasize the best features of your home. Highlight the things that caused you (or your parents) to purchase the property. Consider our $26.95 photo tour web page ad.

Print 8 1/2 by 11 inch advertising flyers or fact-sheets that highlight the features of your home. Include your asking price, the address of your Internet ad, and clear descriptions on how to reach you to see the property.

  • Send or deliver the flyers to 100 neighbors, 100 business associates, and 100 relatives.
  • Post a flyer with 'tear offs' (strips with your phone number) at 10 local supermarkets. Find out the day of the week the bulletin board is cleared, and replace each week.
  • Put a flyer on 100 cars in the supermarket's parking lot.
    • Too shy to stick flyers on windshields?  - Hire a kid, but check to make sure he puts them on cars and not in the trash.
  • Put a flyer on 200 cars in local apartment complexes

Neighbors and their friends are the best sources of buyers so make sure everyone for several blocks around know that your home is for sale and know your price and terms.
Use your cell phone number or rent a pager and use that number as the contact number on your signs and flyers. If you can't be available all day, prepare a message for your answering machine that describes the features of your house including the asking price.
If possible, use a woman's voice for your message.
  • Promote your Internet ad. by listing its address (http://www.xxxxxxxxx.yyy) on your yard sign and flyers. Most buyers have access to the Internet so a few good pictures can entice calls from buyers who like your house.
    See our Internet Advertising page for ideas on creating free or low cost Internet ads.
  • "Talking Ads" predate wide Internet access but they are still effective, especially for homes under $130,000. Rent an 800# and take the time to develop a "talking ad" that describes the best features of your home.
    Automatic Response Technologies is one company that provides 800 number talking ads. (1-800-854-8765). Be sure to put your 800# on your yard sign and flyers.
Pre-qualify  your best prospects to make sure they can afford your home.



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