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Everything to sell your own house: fsbo selling tips, real estate forms & contracts, plus detailed instructions.
fsbo tips for selling your own home plus real estate purchase contracts and legal forms.    
Examining the Offer: Twenty minutes spent with a blank real estate contract will go a long way towards making you comfortable with examining a Buyer's offer to purchase. At a minimum, you will recognize non-standard terms.

Make sure you understand  SPECIALRead the contract CLAUSES written in above the signature block. This is where the buyer makes non-standard demands, asks you to pay portions of his costs or demands you move by a specified date.                                               Sections of a sample offer:
Purchase Price ____________ $75,000
Earnest Money Deposit ______ 500
Deposit to be held in trust by __  
Financing  (1st mortgage) ____ 73,500
Down Payment ____________ 1,000
CLOSING DATE: Some time next year
SPECIAL CLAUSES:---------------------            The seller agrees to pay All closing costs           -------------------
Things to watch for: Make Sure:
Purchase contingent on sale of buyer's home.
  1. Buyer has been pre-approved by a lending institution, or at least pre-qualified for a real estate mortgage big enough to buy your home.
  2. Do not sign the offer until the Buyer has been pre-qualified, or otherwise shows that they will have the cash on Closing Day to purchase your home.
Excessive time for buyer to get financing.
Low earnest money deposit.
Penalty if seller can't move by specified date.
Requirement for seller to pay buyer's mortgage costs
After reviewing the offer, you have several options:
  • Accept the offer as is. In most cases, you simply sign the offer which becomes the sales contract after it has been signed by both the Seller and Buyer.  In some states you sign a separate agreement called a binder.
  • Make a counter-offer. Cross out unacceptable terms on the offer, or fill out your own contract, and specify the terms you want.
  • Reject the offer.

Generic offer to purchase agreements and other real estate forms are available at large office supply stores such as Staples and Office Depot but these forms fail to provide a way for the seller to meet real estate disclosure requirements in many of the larger states where the question of what the seller must tell a buyer about known problems with residential property is the only part of real estate sales where the legislature enacts laws. has teamed with Nicna Real Estate to create sets of forms and contracts to sell and buy residential real estate in all fifty states. Brokers and attorneys at Nicnia Real Estate have created forms and contracts functionally equivalent to real estate forms published by each state's association of realtors. To avoid copyright infringement, our forms are necessarily different from realtor association forms, but in addition to being functionally equivalent, our forms retain the familiar look-and-feel expected by escrow agents and other closing attorneys in each state.

Forms purchased from are typically one or two pages shorter that real estate forms published by the association of realtors in your state. Our forms are designed for people selling their homes without a real estate broker so we omit sections covering commission amounts, splits between seller and buyer broker, and arbitration rules to govern commission disputes.

Our Real Estate Forms will be appropriate for most people selling their own homes. However, unusual or complicated legal situations may sometimes occur. If you are faced with a real estate situation not covered in our forms, we recommend the advice of a real estate attorney. You can still save money by filling out our forms to the best of your ability and paying a real estate attorney to proof read them and make changes. The cost for an attorney's time for this type of service should be a lot less than the cost of preparing entire documents plus multiple office visits.

In cooperation with Nicnia Real Estate, the staff conducts an annual review of changes to forms published by realtor associations in each state. By far the most changes in state realtor forms are to sections covering real estate broker commissions, dispute resolutions and arbitration between brokers. These “broker” sections are not usually covered in our real estate forms so our current year forms are often identical to our prior year forms even when the state realtor associations trumpets new changes.

Our offer to purchase agreement and other real estate forms are available immediately:

  1. You can download the forms in Microsoft Word format for Windows.
  2. We can send them attached to an email in Microsoft Word format for Windows or Mac. In most states we can also email the full set of forms in PDF format for the free Acrobat Reader.
  3. We can send a pre-printed version in a neat folder via the U.S. Post Office.


Available Real Estate Forms -Partial list-
  • Amendment To Sales Contract
  • Buyer Pre-Qual Sample
  • Buyer Pre-Qualification Form
  • Buyer’s Inspection Advisory
  • Contract for Sales and Purchase
  • Counter Offer Form
  • Escrow Agreement
  • Homeowner's Association Disclosure
  • Lead Based Paint Addendum
  • Lead Based Paint Disclosure
  • Mold & Mold-Forming Disclosure
  • Natural Hazard Disclosure Statement
  • Net to Seller Form
  • Notice About Flood Hazard Areas
  • Offer to Purchase Agreement
  • Residential Property Disclaimer Form
  • Residential Property Disclosure
  • Residential Sales Contract
  • Seller's Affidavit of Non foreign Status
  • Seller's Property Disclosure
  • Selling "AS IS" Amendment
  • Septic System Waiver
  • Special Stipulations Form
  • Transfer Disclosure Statement (TDS)


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