real estate forms, purchase contracts and detailed home selling tips for selling by owner

Show your home's best features & sell fast.

For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
If you haven't hosted a home selling Open House do it now! Make sure all the neighbors for several blocks around know that your home is for sale.

Why? Because over 50% of homes are bought by friends and relatives of people who already live or work in the neighborhood.

(80% of homes are bought by people who live or work in the county or in surrounding counties, but the open house is targeted at the immediate neighborhood.) ...More on this topic.

Follow the links below for advice on what to do after the Open House:

  • Showing your home: How to show your home to prospective buyers. Let the house sell itself by highlighting its best features. ...More on this topic.
  • Use our free flyer generator to create eye-catching 8 1/2 x 11 inch sheets that describe the best features of your house and include pictures and asking price. Distributed at local shopping malls and apartment complexes, these Real Estate Flyers are an underused secret weapon for selling fast. More on this topic...
  • 9 ways to attract buyers. Most homes are bought by friend and relatives of people who already live or work in the area, so sell your home by informing the neighborhood. More on this topic...
  • The hard to sell home. Even ugly homes have buyers. Find our why your house is hard to sell and try our suggestions. ...More on this topic.
  • Pre-Qualifying the potential Buyer: Can this buyer afford your house? ...or more specifically, can this buyer get a mortgage loan big enough to let him buy your house? .More on this topic...
  • The real estate sales contract: the mere mention of the word, "contract" can cause shudders in otherwise healthy people. Review these few pages and get comfortable with a real estate contract. Despite the obscure words, a sales contract is really simple if you take the time to read slow. More on this topic...
  • Disclosures: Things the Buyer MUST be told. If you know that your cellar floods or the roof leaks, you must tell the buyer, but unless you live in California, you don't have to do research to find out if your house is in an earthquake hazard zone. More on this topic...
  • Consider every offer from a qualified Buyer: tips on how to read and evaluate a buyer's offer to purchase your home. ...More on this topic.
  • The Escrow Agreement:  Tips on how to handle "Earnest Money Deposits" & "Binder Fees" deposited by the Buyer along with his or her offer to purchase your property. ...More on this topic.
  • Home warranty: This low cost insurance entices buyers by providing the same sort of guarantee on heating, air conditioning and other major systems that would be offered on a new home. ...More on this topic.
  • Selling quick. Need to get out of town by noon? Sorry, no help here, but we do have good ideas for those who can manage to stay in town for the next four or five weeks.



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