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For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
real estate legal form, real estate purchase contract to sell your own home
flowerbell.gif (593 bytes)Visit a builder's model home and take note of their techniques for showing and selling a house. They appeal to the senses by making the home as light, cheerful and serene as possible.

"Easy to do in a new home" you might say; but with a little work the model-home effect can be achieved in any house. See our tips for the interior and tips for the exterior. 
The biggest obstacle might be your own sense of style.  
If you love dark colors, heavy drapes and walls chock full of family pictures...     you risk turning off most buyers.

Before you start make sure you have:
  • A guest book (a plain spiral notebook will do just fine).
  • Blank contracts and forms in case someone wants to buy your home (these can be purchased from any large office supply store or downloaded to your computer from our set of Forms & Contracts ).
  • 8  1/2 x 11 inch flyers / fact-sheets with your price and a description of the house. You can generate these with our free Composer. Every guest should leave with a flyer.


Get ready !
Space: Aromas:
Open blinds and curtains and turn on all lights to make the place look open and large.  Make sure this includes the dining room chandelier, living-room lamps, foyer chandelier and any other entrance light.

Buyers sometimes have a hard time picturing themselves in a house that is filled with too many pictures of others so remove personal or family photographs from walls, bookshelves and mantles. Sparsely decorated walls also give the illusion of larger space.

Replace pictures with plants or fresh flowers. Fresh flowers on the kitchen table or counter top also adds appeal.

Bake bread or cookies, or boil cinnamon sticks in water on the stove to give your home a welcoming aroma.

Set out bowls of potpourri in the bedrooms and bathrooms.

Put out fresh towels and new soap in bathrooms.

rabbit.gif (3327 bytes)Keep pet areas especially clean and free of odor. Put the pets away, and if possible, arrange to have them out of the house. Some people are allergic or just afraid of animals.

Eliminate Distractions: Availability:
This might sound mean, but children can be distractions, have them visit a neighbor.
Turn off the television. If you're using an agent, arrange to be out of the house so buyers can feel free to open closets and cabinets and discuss their observations.

When showing the house yourself don't apologize for the appearance; it will only draw attention to something the buyer may have overlooked.

 Limit showings to the weekend and perhaps another day during the week.
With this arrangement you can realistically have your house looking its best for prospective buyers.
"...preparing for the showing taught me how to sell my home..."




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