real estate forms, purchase contracts and detailed home selling tips for selling by owner

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For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
real estate legal form, real estate purchase contract to sell your own home
STOP!  Never enter a real estate contract with a buyer who might not be able to get a mortgage loan big enough to buy your house.  In the worst case, your home is tied up for months while a buyer with poor credit shops for a mortgage loan.

Calculate a mortgage payment


  • Pre-Approved - A lending institution has processed the Buyer's loan application and approved a specific mortgage loan amount.
  • Pre-Qualified -  An unofficial estimate of the size mortgage a Buyer can afford (a "pre-qualified buyer" is one who should be able to get a mortgage loan big enough to purchase your home).

A good real estate agent will pre-qualify buyers before showing them your home. If you are selling your home without an agent you must do your own pre-qualification.

Here are four easy ways to pre-qualify your potential buyers:

  • Our On-Line Calculator:
    The calculator automates the calculations in our pen and paper, Do-it-Yourself Worksheet and comes up with an estimate of the maximum mortgage loan amount the Buyer is likely to get from a bank or other lending institution.
  • Local Mortgage Brokers:
    Your past mortgage broker or one referred by a friend would be happy to help you pre-qualify a buyer. If you're working with a Realtor, ask them to refer you to a real estate mortgage broker.
  • Internet Mortgage Services:
    While at your home, the potential buyer can sign-on to or and get estimates of how much he or she can borrow on the spot.
  • Do-it-Yourself Qualification Worksheet:
    Our pen & pencil Do-it-Yourself Worksheet requires you sit with your prospective buyer and get two simple, but sensitive pieces of information: income and debt. Don't be embarrassed, people answer these questions whenever they make large purchases.

Once you have annual income and monthly long term debt, the worksheet, (included in our Forms & Contracts), takes you through four simple steps in arithmetic to estimate how big a mortgage the prospective buyer can afford. (Our On-Line Calculator will perform these calculations for you.)


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