real estate forms, purchase contracts and detailed home selling tips for selling by owner

People buy homes that appear spacious, clean and solid.

For sale by owner: real estate forms & contracts plus fsbo selling tips; how to sell your own home.
Tips for selling a home fast.    
real estate legal form, real estate purchase contract to sell your own home
Get rid of everything not of immediate use. Furniture stacked in the basement might be in great condition, but sell them, give them away or throw them out.

Make you home look spacious: Clean every room in the house:

Clutter and dark colors turn off most home buyers. That means getting rid of everything you can live without.

If you can't see the baseboard, the room is probably cluttered.

Have a garage sale to eliminate unnecessary items.  Use the money you earn to put some of your bulkier possessions in storage.

Bright lights and white walls make a home look bigger.

  • If you plan to paint, use white or off-white.
  • Replace lights with higher wattage bulbs.

Clear kitchen countertops as much as possible. Reduce number of items in cabinets.

Arrange clothing neatly in each closet. Reduce number of items stored on shelves and make sure NOTHING other than shoes are on the floor.

Clean and organize your basement, attic and garage. If you really want to sell the house get rid of everything not of immediate use. If not of high value THROW IT OUT.

Clean everything  - carpets included. Ask a friend to assess your efforts, especially sensitive areas like odors.

Wash windows and mirrors.

Clean the oven and all appliances. Clean all grease spatters and polish chrome fixtures and surfaces.

Clean window treatments and carpets. Replace worn, stained and odorous carpeting.

Clean smudges, especially around doorknobs and light switches.

Okay, maybe nobody is this neat, but this is the target.

Make the home appear Solid:
Rattles, squeaks and leaks leave the impression that a house needs a lot of work. Eliminate them.

Repair squeaking  steps and  wobbly banisters.

Repair leaking roof and remove all signs of water damage:
    - Paint over water stains
    - Replace discolored wallpaper

Repair leaky faucets and pipes. Repair or clean caulking around tubs and sinks.

Tighten loose doorknobs, light switchPreparing to sell a house plates and cabinet hinges. Repair sticking doors and windows.


Tack down all loose molding

fixing up before selling a house



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