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This calculator provides an estimate of the maximum mortgage loan a prospective Buyer can expect to get from a bank or other lending institution. The estimate is based on the Buyer's annual income, monthly expenses entered below, plus national averages for living expenses. The mortgage loan estimate is added to the Buyer's down payment to estimate the maximum this Buyer can pay for a home.
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Buyer's Gross Annual Income (please no commas, periods or $ signs)
Buyer's Monthly Long Term Obligations  (Unavoidable recurring bills listed below.  Program makes statistical assumptions about all other expenses)  
         Alimony / Child Support  
         Credit Cards  
         Student Loan  
         Other long term debt  
         Total monthly Long Term Obligations  
Down payment as a % of sales price:  
Current Interest rate:  
Estimated max. the Buyer can afford to pay for a house:
Estimated max. 30 Yr. mortgage loan the buyer can expect:
The above numbers are for a conventional mortgage, Buyers qualifying for VA or FHA loans might get larger mortgage loans.
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